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PostSubject: Super Converter   Super Converter Icon_minitimeTue Nov 24, 2009 7:36 pm

If you download a lot of movies from Internet, you surely stumbled upon damaged MPEG (.mpg/.mpeg) files that don’t play as expected: for example, they play for just few minutes and then stop, or they freeze you video player, or just they don’t play at all. This problem often depends by a damaged video index or an improper join of clips in one big movie file etc.

There are several attempts to solve this problem if you search on the forums, but all these solutions need: lot of time & patience, and the usage of many software, not always freeware. So, after testing many of these methods and being unhappy with them, I decided to try solving the problem my own, and I arrived to a simple and nice solution that needs just one freeware program to be accomplished! The software you need is the great SuperConverter by eRightSoft.

Here the tutorial:

1. Download and install SuperConverter;

2. Run it and modify the settings as showed in the following screenshot,

Super Converter Fixmpg1

taking particularly care of checking “Stream Copy” option for both audio and video parts;

3. Drag & drop your damaged MPEG movies in the right box, then right click on it -> “Output File Saving Management” and choose the folder into which you’d like to save your fixed movies (i use Desktop);

Super Converter Fixmpg2

4. Wait some minutes, depending by how many movies you dragged&dropped;

5. Voilà: in your output folder you will find your fixed movies Smile Play them with your favourite player to test if fixing procedure worked, then delete safely the damaged ones Very Happy
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Super Converter
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