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 Guidelines To Post In The Proper Section

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PostSubject: Guidelines To Post In The Proper Section   Guidelines To Post In The Proper Section Icon_minitimeTue Nov 03, 2009 8:41 pm

Where To Post What?

"News And Announcements"
Only Administrators and Global Moderators can post here. This section is used to announce forum-related news and releases.

"Feedback And Suggestions"
Here members can create topics to give their feedback to how they found the forum, reviews and suggestions about how to improve BlackSpot, and serve members better.

"Software News & Reviews"
Registered users can create topics and reply to topics related to new software releases. Reviews and feedback about any software should be posted here. Download links for softwares are also provided in this section.

"Mauritian News & Events"
All topics about the current on-going news, activities, events, party and anthing else going on in Mauritius are posted here.

"World News & Affairs"
All the international news, events and political updates can be posted here.

"The Sporting Arena"
Members can post anything related to any sport here in this section and can also give their feedback, views and pronostics by replying to topics.

"The Theatre Room"
All latest bollywood and hollywood news and movies releases are posted here. Download links for movies are also posted.

"Fun Corner"
Here registered members can post some funny jokes and stories. Users can post videos as well as pictures, and also reply to any topics.

"Poem & Quotes"
Here you can post some poems and quotes related to anything, be it love, or friendship.

"Link Heaven"
Here you can share some links and websites which you think will be appreciated by other board members.

"Game Arcade"
Post all the latest games reviews and feedback, and also download link if available!

"Immediate Request Zone"
Here members can request anything they need urgently. Be it software, movies, a song or learning materials. Response are usually received within 24hrs. Members please, try to reply to topics and help other members.

"Software & Utilities Problem"
Members having problem with a software can post here. Expert opinions and feedback will be received. Members, please while posting a topic, please specify the problem clearly, and also mention each and every information possible. e.g. software version number, windows edition, processes running in the background, etc.

"Hardware Doctor"
Members having problem with their hardware and peripherals can post here. Expert opinions and feedback will be received. Please specify clearly all details possible about the hardware. e.g. Brand Name.

"VIP Lounge"
Here only administrators, global moderators, VIPs and VIP Ladies can post. High rated materials, links, passwords and download listings are listed here. Normal members do not have access to this section!

"Recycle Bin"
Nobody can post here! All posts which have been deleted from any section are moved here automatically. It is just like the recycle bin of your computer.

"Moderator Central"
Normal members and guest do not have access to this section! Administrative decisions are discussed in this section.
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Guidelines To Post In The Proper Section
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