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 BlackSpot Live Football Streaming Now Launched!

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PostSubject: BlackSpot Live Football Streaming Now Launched!   Mon Nov 09, 2009 12:19 am

Watch Free Online Live Football Streaming Now at BlackSpot!!

Here's the link:

There you can watch free online live football streaming! Most football matches which are not telecasted live on the MBC are boardcasted live here!

Members can request other matches which they want to be boardcasted live here by posting in the Immediate Request Zone (IMZ) atleast 24hrs before the kick-off. (Note: Only registered members can post, registration is free, please register, it will be done in seconds)

Click on the "Play" icon for the streaming to start.. Very Happy
You can also view the match in full screen by clicking on the "Full Screen" icon.. Razz

A 512kbps internet connection is the minimum requirement for a smooth streaming.. For better quality, please pause all your download, and close all the programs using your internet bandwidth..

Enjoy Your Live Match! Wink

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BlackSpot Live Football Streaming Now Launched!
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