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 Hum Tum [PICS]

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PostSubject: Hum Tum [PICS]   Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_minitimeFri Nov 13, 2009 3:20 pm

Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down1. God's great mistake
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%201
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down2. Meeting in the park
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%202

Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down3. Heaven or Hell?
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%203
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down4.The flirt
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%204
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down5.Tears of joy
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%205
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down6. Elections Overdose
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%206
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down7. Telephone Directory
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%207
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down8. Watering the plants
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%208
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down9.The Rough Draft
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%209
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down10. Man's Best Friend
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2010
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down11. Identity Crisis
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2011
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down12. Hum does Yoga
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2012

Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down13. Reading between the lines
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2013
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down14. With Friends like you, who needs Enemies?
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2014
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down15. Googly
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2015
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down16. The Aspiring Singer
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2016
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down17. Hum's Shayaari
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2017
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down18. Travelling through the Pyramids in Egypt
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2018

Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down19. The Disco Dilemma
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2019
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down20. Tum's Shayaari
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2020
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down21. Horoscope Horror
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2021
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down22. Travelling Etiquettes
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2022
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down23. Baby Boom
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2023
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down24. The cost of friendship
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2024
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down25. The real fake
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2025
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down26. Getting emotional over a TV Show
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2026
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down27. The birthday trip
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2027
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down28. A positive discovery
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2029
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down29. Lending an ear
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2029
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down30. Atleast they agree on something!
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2030
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down31. Shopping on the moon
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2031
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down32. Gale mein khich khich
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2032
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down33. Lady Luck
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2033
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down34. A rainy day
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2034
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down35. Translating Women's English - By Professor HUM
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2035
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down36. Change of mind
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2036
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down37. If wishes came true...
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2037
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down38. Pray before you eat
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2038
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down39. Pagla Khinka
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2039
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down40. Candle light dinner
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2040
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down41. Hell Boy
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2041
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down42. Figure this one out!!
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2042
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down43. Picture this problem
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2043
Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_arrow_down44. Effective Communication
Hum Tum [PICS] HUM%20TUM%2044

Copyright Notice:

All rights to the characters HUM & TUM and cartoon strips employing the said characters are the property of Yash Raj Films Pvt. Ltd. and
are protected by Indian copyright laws. Any reproduction, alteration,
modification either in whole or in part of the characters or the
cartoon strips violates Indian copyright laws and shall attract legal

Quote :
Source: Sweys.. thanks to Miss.N! Wink

Hum Tum [PICS] 31478497a93ce62d371ee3990cab9a6ff5aa943
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PostSubject: Re: Hum Tum [PICS]   Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_minitimeWed Nov 18, 2009 10:30 pm

Hey koolguy! thanks loads for this great sharing!! Thanks to "Miss.N" (i wonder who she is!??) as well as you've put her name in the "source"
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PostSubject: Re: Hum Tum [PICS]   Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_minitimeThu Nov 19, 2009 2:13 am

HUM TUM!! loool

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PostSubject: Re: Hum Tum [PICS]   Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_minitimeSun Apr 11, 2010 3:16 am

DreC net saaaa Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Hum Tum [PICS]   Hum Tum [PICS] Icon_minitime

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Hum Tum [PICS]
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